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Updated: 15 August 2013

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dreamingofmom.tumblr Dreaming Of Mom.

Here I will be posting long continuous serial stories of mom-son incest with the same main characters in every chapter. Along with the stories you can find pictures with incest captions (mom-son...


25.tumblr Untitled



tumblr Tumblr

Follow the world's creators.


thekinkyson.tumblr The Kinky Son

I am a twenty-something year old male, who has a kink for incest with mature women. The main theme's for this blog are mother & son and aunt & nephew incest. This blog is pure incest fantasy and I...


momisthatyou.tumblr MOM...is that you?

Imagine seeing your friend's mom online :P Please visit my other page pornjunkiesreturn.tumblr.com or contact me at rh70002@yahoo.com Located in New Orleans


pestergamzeeandtavros.tumblr PeStEr aWaY MoThEr fUcKeRs

This is an ask blog, yes, majority of asks will have art based answers while some will be text based but there are also posts concerning fanart, gifs, observations and fanfics. Keep that in mind...


fluxmachine.tumblr Flux machine

gifs by kevin weir


pregnanthusband.tumblr The Pregnant Husband

The Pregnant Husband. 12 Jun. 29 Apr. 28 Apr. 25 Apr. 24 Apr. 23 Apr. 23 Apr. 22 Apr. 22 Apr. 21 Apr. When PEOPLE magazine does a write-up on this blog and my other site, Daddy-Newbie.. From The Pregnant Husband to Daddy Newbie. When my son is born (healthy and happy) and my wife is no longer pre...


incestquest.tumblr Incest Quest

The posts on this site are all fictitious displays of incestual sex. I do not own any of the pictures or gifs. The pictures and captions I post are designed to get me off. If, in doing so, I manage to...


mtvjerseyshore.tumblr Mtv jersey shore

Jerzdays 10/9c only on MTV!


theirownmoms.tumblr Their Own Moms

Welcome to Their Own Moms! A blog that's mostly about guys doing naughty things with... well, their own moms. Yes, this is one of those damned dirty incest blogs. If you want to turn back now, I'll...

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alyssinmymind.tumblr || Life, less words, carry on ||

Alice | 24 | Italian | Graphic Designer, apparently Web Designer and rookie Photographer, tv shows addicted. Currently trying to leave this place and live my dreams. Livejournal || Photography NCIS...


huffingtonpost Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

Breaking News and Opinion


gleeky.tumblr Gleeky

FAQ | ask | submit tags | song list | cast links | gif tutorial


harrypotterjokes.tumblr Harry Potter Jokes!

I write a lot of Harry Potter Jokes on my blog so now I can put them all in one place!