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Updated: 12 June 2013

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speedobulgelover.tumblr Speedo Bulge Lover

A place where all packages meet...


luvguysbulges.tumblr Wrestler Bulges, Speedo Packages

Wrestler bulges, speedo Packages. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Info. Notes. Ask me anything Submit yourself. gorgeousmalesreloaded :. UA hottie http://gorgeousmalesreloaded.tumblr.com/. I had to reblog this ho...


speedolads.tumblr Speedo Lads

A blog celebrating the joy of hot guys in swimwear! Probably definitely NSFW .....

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bigbeautifulbulges.tumblr BIG BEAUTIFUL BULGES


speedocelebration.tumblr Speedo Celebration - Page 1 of 543

I simply LOVE speedos. just love 'em. and the hot bodies they are displayed on. at times i will go NSFW and show the dirty stuff but for the most part, bulges and butts. submissions are great and much...

tumblr speedos

underwearandspeedos.tumblr Underwear and Speedos

A photo blog of a former gymnast who models underwear (alright, I model them in the mirror...) paying tribute to the beautiful male bulge and the sexy world of briefs, speedos, thongs and jocks....


israelispeedolover.tumblr Israeli Speedo Lover

Israeli guy in Tel-Aviv. My biggest turn on is guys in speedos. also into all kinds of sportswear and other fetishes... hit me up if you're in the area :) None of the pictures here are actually mine...


gaysexyassboys.tumblr Untitled

Untitled. 11th Jun 2013 | 9,700 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 158 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 608 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 230 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 1,956 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 813 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 394 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 11 notes. 11th Jun 2013 | 31 notes. 8th Jun 2013 | 147 notes. (Source: alltheb...


cyclistbulge.tumblr Cyclist Bulges ............ and more

This is me in one of my many wrestling singlets. Love guys in spandex gear showing off hot bulges.


smokingsportsmenblog.tumblr The Smoking Sportsmen Blog

The hottest men in sports with all the asses, bulges, and penises you have come to expect from all of my blogs!


youngguys4you.tumblr Young guys for you

I'm a gay guy from the Netherlands. Pics of the hottest young (18-24) guys, selected by me. Some naked, some shirtless, all gorgeous! Nudes are 18+. Feedback appreciated :)


totalxy.tumblr TotalXY

TotalXY collects images of beautiful men. Whenever possible credit is given to the source. I hold no copyright nor claim on any images. This is an adult website. It's NSFW and you should be over 18....


men-in-underwear.tumblr Men in Underwear : 1 of 15

This blog is dedicated to my love of boys in underwear from boxers to briefs, showing off their bulges and butts. Feel free to submit your own photos if you want them included in the blog boys! ;)


xxxtraordinary77.tumblr XXXtraordinary

When you're xxxtraordinary, you think about xxxtraordinary things. Exxxplicit, NSFW, Adults Only. Seriously, don't look at this if you are underage or don't like nudity and sex of various kinds. I'm a...