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Updated: 11 July 2013

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sissificationhypnosis.tumblr Sissy Hypnosis

Sissy Hypnosis - 18+ only


tumblr Tumblr

Follow the world's creators.


xxxycaption.tumblr Transgender Captions XY to XX

Transgender Captions XY to XX


feminization.tumblr Feminization Pictures and Videos

Crossdressing, feminizatio and bondage are my passions.


rubberdolltami.tumblr Shiny Slippery Tight & Hypno

Tami's blog about latex, rubber, pvc, plastic, bondage, hypnosis, feminization, dollification, mind control, submission, dominance, brainwashing and whatever is sexy and cool at the time.


taralove69.tumblr Tara Love's Little Pink Sissy Room

Sissification and forced feminization captions, and anything else that makes my little sissy clitty tingle. Disclaimer: All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the internet and are assumed...


krystalfemme.tumblr Sissy Obsession

Sissy Obsession. About. Connect. Following. Likes. Peppy, Sissy Faggot. A sissies dream. slaveboi. Untitled. Hot Chicks In Lingerie. sissy naughty. Sissy slut encouragement. Sissy 365 - A little sissy every day of the year. Love Tan Lines. Sissy Femminuccia. Sissy for BBC. Tara Love's Little Pink...


girlysissy.tumblr SissyLove

tumblr dedicated to feminization, hypnosis and humiliation of sissies like me

hypno feminization tumblr

sissysteph.tumblr Sissy steph

The controlling and domination of a submissive, humiliation craving bimbo bondage slut by her Mistress


shedoesntwantme-hedoes.tumblr SheDoesntWantMe-HeDoes

Just another gurl looking for love and understanding wherever she can get it. And if she doesn't want to give it to me... well apparently there are a LOT of men who will! Not all of these pictues are...


jennyvalentine93.tumblr My TG and CD captions.

I'm Jenny Valentine, I am in my young 20's and I am a crossdresser and role player.I've been making captions for a few months now. While I do enjoy a single caption here and their, sometimes I just...


sissycaptions.tumblr Sissy Captions

Sissy Captions.


femslut21.tumblr Femslut21's Curated Captions

A collection of my favorite captions from the TG captioning community. Please view and subscribe to the fine TG blogs featured here.

tg caps boy to mom tumblr

youtube YouTube

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world


subboigurl.tumblr Desires of a Submissive Gurly Boi

Im a submissive boi that likes all things having to do with sex. Submission, domination, humiliation, male, female, shemale, anything. I have a lot of kinks and this blog will show them all.