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Updated: 07 July 2013

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labialounge.tumblr :: L A B I A :: L O V E :: C L U B ::

labia Lounge


lovelargelabia.tumblr Love Your Labia

A body-positive blog for women who may be seeking a little reassurance that their labia are normal! Spreading the news that large lips are just as normal as large noses, or hands, or eyes, or bums, or...


lusciouslabiamovies.tumblr Luscious Labia Movies

This tumblr is dedicated to the extraordinarily beautiful labia of several UK models I have had the pleasure to film. Paul M Apphart


finestlusciouslabia.tumblr The Finest Luscious Labia

This tumblr showcases the finest luscious labia photographs taken by me and features some of most extraordinarily beautiful labia you are ever likely so see. Unlike many other tumblrs all the photos...

labia stretchers tumblr, finest labia tumblr, labia stretching on tumblr

outiekitty.tumblr Outie Kittie ({i})

A blog to catalog photos of outie vulvas. See http://inniecity.tumblr.com/ for sublime slitty smoos. DISCLAIMER: Photos in this tumblr page are not owned by me, they are collected from the world of...


phatissexxy.tumblr Phat is Sexxy

Just stuff I like. Mostly BBW, Big Tits, Floppy tits, Hangers, Preggo bellies,stretch marks, large nipples, large labia. The women have to be real - the more real the better! I love that real women...


tumblr Tumblr

Follow the world's creators.


milkthatcock.tumblr Milk That Cock

WARNING - This blog contains materials not suitable to minors. If you are under the age of 18 please leave this site immediately! NSFW, but please enjoy! All content was found on the web and therefore...


piercing-world.tumblr Piercing World

The best site for viewing pictures of body piercing. Women and men. Visible piercings. Private piercings. Even the bizarre. Great pictures of people enjoying their bodies. Suitable for over 18s only....

piercing world, tattoo labia tumblr, stretched labia on tumblr, needles labia tumblr, tumblr piercing heavy rings

femalebodluvr.tumblr FemaleBodyLuvr

I Love Beautiful labia and Breast!! Some Things That Turn Me On are Slight Stretch Marks and Blood Vessels that Show through a Woman's Skin!!

stretched labia on tumblr

lippychicks.tumblr Lippy Chicks - Chicks with large labias

This blog is dedicated to women with large labia, big pussy lips, roast beef curtains, and miles of smoked bacon. The kind that you want to suck on for hours. I take no credit for any of the photos...


tightvagina.tumblr Tight

Who is who in the game of beauty and how your genitalia measures up to the most feminine, most beautiful vaginas in the world. The essence of womanhood resides in beauty of form, function and size....

labia stretchers tumblr, stretched labia on tumblr, labia weights on tumblr, thebaldies.tumblr.com

foreverhoneysprincess.tumblr Princess

Spoiled with love


drcheryl.tumblr Cheryl Cohen Greene, DHS

Life as a Sex Surrogate Please, first read my post "Why I'm Blogging"! at the following link. Http://drcheryl.tumblr.com/post/6287230420/why-im-blogging


stuffinmyvagina.tumblr Stuff in my vagina

This is a blog of my vagina with different things in it. That is all.