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Updated: 11 July 2013

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sweatypitlover.tumblr SweatyPitLover

Single guy in central Florida looking for masculine guys to hang out with and have fun! Hairy, sweaty, dirty, fun! Regarding my personal photos (photos I indicate as being of myself): *PRIVACY NOTICE*...


hairypitparadise.tumblr Hairy Pit Paradise

Welcome to my male armpit site! Ever since I was young, catching a glimpse of a guys pit hair got me so excited! Especially if it was a few hairs sticking out of their shirt! That is a big turnon! The...


lovespitsandpubes.tumblr Pits & Pubes Heaven

An ordinanry guy who loves hair on a guy. Love a mans hairy pits, bushy and sweaty. love a guys pubes how they spill over the waistband of his briefs. get it wet you have a winner. love to have you...


tumblr Tumblr

Follow the world's creators.


guysandpits.tumblr Guys&pits

NSFW pictures of my favorite body part; guys armpits. Pictures of guys I think are attractive, and doing things that turn me on. Some will be very NSFW. Don't look here if you don't want to see this...


candidhairyarmpits.tumblr Candid Shaved, Stubble & Hairy Armpits

Turkey. Hairy armpits hairy pits armpit armpits candid candid armpits hairy hairy pits pit pits shaved shaved armpits shaved pits stubble stubble armpits stubble pits. Hairy armpits hairy pits armpit armpits candid candid armpits hairy hairy pits pit pits shaved shaved armpits shaved pits stubble...


yungsexyblack.tumblr Black Sexy Thick Muscle Hung Beefy Daddy Bears Hai

Savvyifyanasty :. only1dollar :. Drake Gatti. > love his eyes!. Follow me @ savvyifyanasty.tumblr.com. jayb4u2day :. PEDRO jayb4u2day.tumblr.com. done-in-darkness :. BIG DICK TRIO. done-in-darkness :. Black Dick. cakebosses :. nhmusclebear :. frenchrococolovesporn :. The front view is as good as ...


hairygods.tumblr Hairy Gods | Hot Hairy Men

NSFW, 18+ Photos of shirtless, naked and nude gay hairy men. Enjoy.


malearmpit.tumblr Armpit

Hi I love Armpit. Do ask me questions, I don't bite. Well, to be honest it depends on you actually. Please submit a photo. I do not own any of the images here in this tumblr; they're all taken from...

armpit tumbir, men armpits tumblr

undermyballs.tumblr UnderMyBalls

Look at this faggot porn and shit and leave me nasty comments about what a toilet pig these men make you want to be!


mostlymanlymen.tumblr Mmmm....

Welcome to my midlife crisis filled with yummy and delicious men. Mostly tasteful naked and semi-naked manly men with some porn to keep your attention I do not claim ownership of images and will be...


rednecklicker.tumblr Rednecklicker

Sweat piss rednecks real men


hotteenboys.tumblr Hot-teen-boys

If you're underage, fuck off the rest of you - i get really turned on when you reblog my photos ;) ask me things check out my tagged posts


sexyundiesboy.tumblr Underwear! Bulges! Sexy boys & their Cocks

NSFW was previously undiesboy.tumblr.com after i got blocked, if you liked my previous blog, you will love this one too!!! you can send your submissions to sexyundiesboy@yahoo.com ALL PICS WELCOME


malearmpits.tumblr Male Armpits

If you've a thing for the male armpits then you've come to the right place, alternatively, we're also on Facebook and Livejournal, though be forewarned that both of these websites (only Livejournal...

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